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10 Tips to Use Google+ for Search Engine Optimize your Website

Google + is a social networking site which can be used in multi lingual format. The same is owned by Google and is in operations since June, 2011. The current user base of this site is close to 400 million with almost a 100 million users who are active on a regular basis.  Such vast reach of Google + amongst the internet using diaspora has made it an important weapon that people have for their SEO activities. Below are some tips which will help you in achieving SEO for your websites;

Optimization of Google + title tags

It is a known fact that the first sentence on your Google + post is the one which is added to the title tag. This title tag in return is something which is directly related to rankings and also helps in the “click-through rates” for your profile. Thus it is advised that the keywords which are using in your post are chosen with utmost care keeping in mind the fact that the first sentence is what people will notice first.

Following the profile links

In contrast to other sites like SEOmoz (where it is important to earn some 200 Moz points before they allow you to follow your profile link) at Google + this facility is provided free of cost. Also, one can link their profiles by embedding the same with their other profiles on other websites. At the same time this links can be directly linked to the texts that you have mentioned in your biography on Google +, thus making it all the more easier.

Embedding of post links

With Google + one can also inset the links directly on the posts or comments that you might be putting on. All you need to do is copy and paste the same and Google will turn them into links for others to see and follow if they want to.

The power of editing is unlimited

Google + might be a social networking platform but at heart it is a great blogging platform on which one cannot just post or comment but also blog with full freedom of editing the data whenever the need arises. In contrast, Facebook and Twitter do not provide you with such freedom.  In case your post on Google + goes viral and people keep coming to check the same or comment on it than you can easily make changes or add things for them.

Your new content gets indexed quickly

Chances are that any new content that is shared on Google + gets indexed at very quick speeds thus ensuring that it reaches the masses without much delay. In the past it used to take some weeks for any website to be indexed, this turnaround time has been reduced to almost negligible.

Get connected with the influential crowd

There are some 17 different notifiers which are present on Google + that lets you get connected with the influential crowd. Depending on how your account has been laid out, these notifications are either sent through an e-mail or a text message or simply as the “red” notification on the top right of your Google + home page.

Have a catchy profile picture

Yes, the Google + profile definitely work on the “face” value well literally. Some tests by successful bloggers have shown direct co-relation between a good and eye catchy profile picture and the traffic it attracts to your page. All that matters is that the picture must be attractive, soothing to the eye and people should like what they see.

Try the new Social Media Dashboard for free

Adam Singer, a product marketer and blogger with Google has created the social media dashboard which is available for free use by people. Using the same one can keep a track of the traffic that they are generating on their posts, blogs and their profile as a whole on Google +.

You are known by the friends you keep

We all must have heard about the above sentence at some point in time in life. Even on Google + it is very important on the kind of circle you are a part of and for ensuring that your circle is very influential Google + has something called the “Circle Count”. Using the same one can easily check at what rank does his or her circle comes and thus helps in making necessary changes to the circle. This ranking is provided keeping in mind the other circles that are present on Google +, thus one can easily judge their standing or the kind of traffic they must be generating through their circle.

Using Google + regularly

It goes without saying that till you do not use the Google + service on a regular basis all the above tips will fizz out without the desired effect. As per some stats some 25% people users are only active once a month on Google and this means that there is not much traffic on their profiles. All one needs to spend on Google + is some 10 to 15 minutes a day and this would ensure that traffic keeps moving to your profiles. Try to share, comment back, post, create a new event, re-share on a regular basis and you can yourself check the traffic increasing on your profile or blog.

To conclude it would be safe to say that one has to religiously follow the above tips if they want to make their websites successful and let people know that they exist. Today there are thousands of websites which might be getting launched on a daily or weekly basis. And it is important that you do something extra to stand tall amongst the crowd with people noticing your work. Thus follow the above tips and see for yourself the changes it will bring to your website traffic within a small span of time.

Author Bio:- Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar is a freelance writer and SEO expert. He is associated with the SE optimization of many websites. He is currently working for CosolidebtLLC.com which provides debt consolidation to the US military. To know more about the service, visit the military debt consolidation section.

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