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10 Stunning Apps You Need to Have on Your iPhone

The number of iPhone users has been increasing day in and day out. That call for the developers to keep the app industry upgraded with new apps that can attract these iPhone users. Today, there are more than a million iPhone apps in the app store for your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad and other Apple devices. And surprisingly, many of those million apps are free of cost. Mentioned below are some of the best picked apps from the app store, which include genres like travel, social media, documentation, calendar, photography and many more.

1. RunKeeper


Running and jogging on the track can seem countless and you usually cannot track the same. Here is a free app for you which will do the tracking of your jogging, running and cycling routes using your iPhone’s GPS services. This app was earlier split into two versions – pro and free. However, the developers got quite generous to include a plethora of features into the free  version. Moreover, you also get to share all your activities online, if you wish to.

2. Pulse

Pulse App

You might have been bored to access the rather dry technology of RSS. Well, you have an opportunity to grab the best. Pulse is an app which slaps RSS straight on its face. It provides a strong flow of feeds that catch your attention with smart pictures too.

3. National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Enquiries

We all commute by trains. This is one app everyone would want in their iPhones. National Rail Enquiries is easy to install and lets you effectively plan your journey. You get to know the rail timetables and location alerts will let you find a train to your home. Don’t go about comparing it with other such apps. It may not be the best, but it’s definitely pretty good.

4. Movies by Flixter

Movies by Flixter

This is somewhat a US-centric movie app, and it can be really disappointing at some point of time. However, you can find all the details of the new releases and upcoming movies as well as DVD’s. All you need to do is choose a film or a genre and helps you locate the nearest cinema as well as the show timings for you.

5. TonePad


Like carrying some musical toys? Then this app is what you’ll definitely love. It allows you to play virtual pianos and guitars on your Apple device. TonePad is one of the best music apps I have ever come across. It is simple using a grid-based interface. Moreover, it lets you compose some brilliant notes and share it with others too.

6. Thomson Reuters News Pro

Thomson Reuters News Pro

You will be able to find ample of news and weather forecast apps on your apple app store. But this one is different. It covers a wide range of topics and lets you choose your preference. Which means, you have an app that gives you custom output. Moreover, its brilliant interfaces lets you quickly access news, pictures and videos of your choice.

7. Comics

Comics App

You love humor? Comics is the best experience you will ever have. Although it may seem a little awkward compared to that you might have used on your iPad, but trust me, you will have the best time of your life. It’s great, it’s free and it’s simply usable.

8. Evernote

Evernote App

Got an idea? Need paper and pen to jot it down? Well, forget it! Evernote is something you will fall in love with. It enables you to store notes, ideas and documents online, instantly. This is an absolutely efficient app because you can swiftly scan through your note, make changes and additions and also create a new note.

9. Kindle

Kindle App

No one likes carrying a book, a laptop and a smartphone together. Your iPhone allows you to buy and download ebook for having a great reading experience. Kindle is an app which has more than million ebooks for you to choose from. And trust me, it wont dig your pockets off.

Enjoy a great reading experience on your iPhone kindle app.

10. Around Me

Around Me App

We usually land up searching for places while travelling. Around Me is an app which will help you locate restaurants, banks, gas stations, bars and anything else you want near you, easily. It is an absolutely handy app, especially, if you are in an unfamiliar place, trying to figure out a landscape nearby.

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