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10 Reasons to be Thankful for Military Technology

Do you know how many things we use in our ordinary, hum-drum lives that we can thank the military for? Neither did we until we started researching the subject! Here is a list of the ten coolest technological gadgets we have the military to thank for.

1. Microwave oven: the origins of the oven that we use every day can be attributed to the aircraft tracking radar of the mid-1930s. Invented by the Royal Air Force, the technology was first used as an early warning radar. The same technology used in microwave ovens is also used in our modern day air traffic control systems.

2. Walkie-talkies: the portable communications devices are used as toys, by hunters and in safety service forces the world over. The walkie-talkie was invented in Canada way back in the 1930s as a communication system for the Canadian military.

3. Low light photography: prior to the invention of night vision in 1940, taking photographs in low light was virtually impossible. The United States military invented this technology to allow its personnel to see in low light.

4. Global positioning satellites: in the 1940s, both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were credited with the invention of the ballistic missile that made long range attacks possible. Thanks to this technology, we have explored space and launched satellites responsible for communication, weather and GPS systems.

5. Nuclear medicine: the United States invented nuclear technology in the 1940s. Since then, the technology has evolved to include both nuclear medicine and nuclear power.

6. Cameras: the digital cameras of today can be attributed to the United States and Soviet Union as far back as the 1960s. The technology in our digital cameras was originally the stuff of spy satellites.

7. World Wide Web: in the 1960s, the United States invented the internet to help in the country’s survival of a possible nuclear attack. Thanks to this unassuming invention, we can now communicate with people around the world at the mere touch of a button.

8. GPS navigation: in the 1970s, the first GPS systems were used by the United States Air Force and Navy as well as the Soviet Union to increase warhead accuracy. Today we use GPS for everything from Geo-caching to reaching our destinations without getting lost.

9. Campfires: any outdoor enthusiast knows the value of Swedish Firesteel. Invented in the 2000s by the Swedish Ministry of Defense, Firesteel is capable of starting a fire in the most inclement of weather conditions.

If you were paying attention at the beginning of this article, you noticed that we said we were going to share ten of the coolest inventions with you. Thus far, we’ve listed only nine, having saved the best for last:

Silly Putty: it’s not a technological gadget but it may be the coolest thing the military has given the general public in the last 50 years. 20,000 eggs of Silly Putty are sold every day across the world. Since it’s accidental invention and subsequent marketing as a children’s toy, 300 million eggs have been placed into the hands of children everywhere! Who doesn’t love Silly Putty?

Thanks to the military for all these great improvements to our lives!

Author Bio:- Kenny Alvarez is an advisor to military veterans and also writes for MilitaryEducation.org, a site which explores all the secondary education benefits to veterans and their dependents; for example, check out this information on Navy tuition assistance.

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