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10 Reasons Flash Is Dead

When I first started dabbling in web design, Flash applications were all the rage and knowing how to “do Flash” was a valuable commodity.  Many design firms didn’t even have Flash programmers, so they sourced much of their Flash work.  Today, I contend that Flash is a dying technology; all but dead for the following 10 reasons.

1. Search Engines Don’t Like It

While strides have been made to make Flash more search engine friendly, the fact remains that it takes more time out of the development cycle and increases end-client expense.

2. Slow to Load

Nobody wants to take the time for Flash animations to load.  Time is valuable and Flash can take way too much time, causing even those with fast connections to leave your website prematurely.

3. Style Over Substance

Many Flash animations are just for show, and they offer little in the way of substance.  Don’t waste people’s time just to show off a cool-looking site. Concentrate on the info they want and need, and wrap it with great graphic design and modern animation techniques, such as CSS and HTML5.

4. It Costs More

Flash done right is expensive, and making changes incurs additional expenses time and again.

5. Frequent Updates

If your audience doesn’t have the latest version of Flash, they will have to update before they can see your site.  Chances are, they won’t be back.  Those who do not update expose themselves to security breaches.

6. It’s Not Mobile Friendly

While it can work on some phones, Flash is notorious for not consistently working across all devices.

7. Apple Doesn’t Like It

Speaking of mobile, Apple products have a history of not supporting Flash. The prevalence of iPads and iPhones should be enough to convince you that Flash is not the way to go.

8. Distracting

Flash is distracting, especially when all you want to do is get the info you’re looking for.  Sifting through animations is not ideal when all you want is specific data.

9. Crashing

Few things are as frustrating as a browser crash due to Flash.  Don’t make your customers reboot because of your Flash site.

10. Better Technology

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and other technologies can create smooth animations that do not require all the overhead of Flash.

There are some uses for Flash, such as dynamic applications and videos. However, creating a website entirely out of Flash is no longer an advanced solution; rather, it’s a heavy expense that only adds overhead and user frustration.  If you must incorporate Flash, do so wisely; and always see if another technology might be able to do the job easier, better, and cheaper.

Author Bio:- Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.

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