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10 Quick Tips for Google Wave Users

Every one of us is familiar with Google wave that it is the newest kind of online communications which occurs through chatting, e-mailing, forum posting, social networking and various other online communications medium and takes them into a combined form into a simple web based application. Wave has its unique environment, where you can use commands, extensions and robots. Below mentioned are some of the tips to use for Google Wave:

google wave quick tips

1. Shift + Enter

You can use this command to create and submit new replies. This will help you start a new conversation really faster than ever before.

2. Double Click

You must double click if you want to reply to any part of the wave or edit it.

3. Edit your profile

In order to add your picture on your profile; you can click on the Contacts panel, in front of your name and give a picture to your profile instead of a grey head.

4. Hit Spacebar

You can move the unread message in the wave by pressing spacebar on your keyboard.

5. Follow a wave

If you wish to see this in your inbox, you can select “Follow”, otherwise, you can select “Unfollow”.

6. Link to another wave

It is possible for you to link to another wave and you can do it by dragging this option to from the search panel when you are editing.

7. Make a wave public

In order to make a wave public and show it to people, you can add [email protected] to your contacts and then to the wave. You need to click on the contacts to keep it read-only.

8. Filter the wave

There is a + sign in front of SEARCHES and you can create your saved searches by clicking on this sign. You can even add colors to it.

9. Open multiple waves simultaneously

If you want to open more than one wave at a time; you can hold on to the CTRL button and click on the search panel. You can now see waves open in front of you.

10. Adding a search result

On the editing toolbar, you can click on G+ gadget to add an image, a link and a video to a specific wave.

Hope the above quick tips will help you when using Google Wave. Wave is a very useful and effective tool for blog promotion, as previously i wrote about why blogger must use google wave, you can read there the benefits of using wave. However if you think that wave is more complex and difficult to understand then there are google wave alternatives that you can use. Don’t forget to share your comments.

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  • Usman

    October 7, 2010, 9:06 am

    These Shortcuts are really handy in quickly performing tasks on Google wave.


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