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10 of the Best Free Stock Photo Websites

If you ever need just the right stock photo for your brochure printing or web design, be sure to check out the following free sites first. Most of them don’t even require registration. You can search through thousands, even millions, of stock photos to find the perfect fit for your design.

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1. Stock.XCHNG

This is a great source for thousands of free stock photos. Plus, you can use a light box to save your favorites for later. It is super easy to navigate and to find the right photo for your projects.

2. Imagebase

Search through categories to find amazing free stock photos in two common resolutions. They are licensed under a “free to use” license, meaning that these photos can be used for any purpose except in an unlawful way, to defame, for pornographic use, etc.

3. Stockvault

Here you will find not only free stock photos but also some Photoshop tutorials for editing them. Sign up for a membership and experience additional benefits.

4. Every Stock Photo

Search through over 5 million free stock photos all over the web. You can specify the license type you need in the search engine.

5. Photo Rouge

For free, a team of photographers will, per your request, shoot the picture you need. This is a very special site; you won’t find many like it.

6. Geek Philosopher

You can get free stock photos along with wallpaper and backgrounds on this site. You don’t have to register; they simply ask for a photo credit when you use one of the photos.

7. Woophy

This site is hosts photos from a community of travel photographers. It all starts with a map of the world. Simply click on a location and you can find images from that location. It is totally free and new photos are added all the time.

8. Image After

With 20,000 images to search through, you are bound to find the one you need. You can search by texture or by image. You can even print these free images and use them for resale.

9. Photorack

This is a site for browsing free stock photos. They do not have a search function, but the images are set up into smaller categories to make browsing simple. And downloading images is incredibly easy.

10. Historical Stock Photos

You will find amazing retro photographs from the Civil War and The Great Depression among many others. Finding the right free stock photo is a breeze with the search function. Browsing is also enjoyable in easily navigated categories.

Author Bio:- Anna Cruz writes about marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design and desktop publishing. Anna works for PrintPlace.com, an online printing company that offers brochure printing, poster printing, postcards, business cards and more printed marketing media.