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10 Most Subscribed Users of Facebook- SubscriberWars

Facebook is one of the popular and most visited social media website on the web. Its popularity is based on the services that facebook provides to its users. At TechMaish i already discussed about facebook in our several posts about its services, tips, tricks and benefits. You can read some of the popular post below.

Well facebook is a place where you can spend your time and entertain your self by using different available tools and applications. However facebook is not only the place of entertainment, but a place where you can share your knowledge, a place where you can discuss meetings, group discussions and other informative news, a place where you can promote your blog and so on….

10 Most Subscribed Users of Facebook

10 Most Subscribed users of the facebook are also delivering quality to the web, and that is why they have got such a large amount of facebook fans. You can see the updated list for June 18, 2010 below.

facebook most subscribed users

SubscriberWars is a platform where you can see the most popular peoples on different social media websites. You can aslo see the latest Tweets and videos of the above popular most subscribed users of facebook. Click on the below link to brows subscriberwars for more informative and amazing information.

Visit SubscriberWars

Update: The website is no more available.

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    August 12, 2010, 5:05 pm

    you gathered cool info man,nice post….


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