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10 Killer Tips and Tricks to Increase Twitter Followers

twitter tips and tricks to increase followersTwitter is growing rapidly and gaining more popularity with the passage of time and we guys are trying to increase our followers. This is not a hard work to get thousand of followers, but it needs time and efforts. Nothing in the word is impossible, but we should always try and make efforts to achieve our goals. It is better to show practical work for our efforts instead of Setting and thinking about “What to do?” and “How to do?”. This is not the time to think, this is the time to do some thing and survive in this competitive world.
If  TechCrunch, Mashable, Problogger, Copyblogger, JownCow and other popular bloggers did not  struggle in there blogging career, then how they got thousand of twitter followers. How they become popular, how they made there own brands.This is really not the time to think about this.

If you really want to think, then think about these Top 5 peoples that why they have allot of followers.
Ashton Kutcher has 4,110,873 followers

Britney Spears has 3,968,812 followers

Ellen DeGenerss has 3,892,329 followers

Barack Obama has 746,723 followers

CNN Breaking News has 2,817,521 followers

Q. Why they have allot of followers?

Ans. Because they are popular

Q. Why they are Popular?

Ans. Because they struggle in there field.

Then why you are thinking and hoping to increase followers if you are not popular. The first thing is to increase your popularity and then twitter followers will increase it self. The thing we should do now is to start the actual work, and increase our popularity in this tap competition.

How to Increase Twitter Followers

Struggle is the only thing to become successful in your work. If you want to increase your twitter followers, then you have to read all the articles available on the internet. Now there is no need to search the whole web for all the available articles written on this topic. Because i put my struggle and collect all the resources for you. Now it is your turn. Read all the articles and you will know the secrete of increase twitter followers.

Tips from Tech Maish

Profile:- Add all the information in your twitter profile related to your blog, and your service. Make it clear for your visitors, so that they can easily understand about your blog.

Traffic:- Increase traffic to your blog and provide useful and informative information in your blog. Treat every visitor if he or she is your friend. Try to attract all your visitors to your Twitter Profile.

Giveaway:- Start giveaway in your blog and ask your readers to follow you on twitter to get the giveaway offer. The more you provide, the more will your visitors likes you and in return they will follow you on twitter.

Relation Ship:- Build relationship with other bloggers and follow them and in return they will also follow you on your twitter. Tweet there posts and they will tweet you posts. Give them and they will give you.

Useful Articles to Increase Twitter Followers

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Read all the posts and follow what they say. Give some time to your twitter profile and communicate with other twitter users. Response to your existing twitter followers and do no spam there profiles.