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10 Key Factors for Good SEO Strategy for Your Business

Business Needs SEO in 2018

Many businesses look at SEO strategy as a waste of resource, time and money as it does not give immediate returns and there is no measurable index to check the quantum of its ROI to the business. However, you will be alarmed and shocked to know what levels of profitability a well-designed SEO strategy can bring to your business if drafted and executed well. There are many design firms and SEO services companies that can cater to your SEO needs, but the best SEO Toronto would be the one that could sink in the organization goals with the SEO and marketing strategy of your website to yield maximum returns.

Below mentioned are key factors as to why a good SEO strategy is good for your business:

  1. Did you know that nearly 93% of online activities are initiated through a search engine, which means whenever a buyer is out there to buy something online, he would check for a search engine’s advice first and then boil down on a final deal?
  2. SEO is a strongest advertising tool; wherein without compelling people to buy, you can actually pull a lot of traffic to your website directly. People search for what they want and if you have what they want, then become prospective buyers.
  3. A customer coming through an SEO traffic has a bigger likelihood of converting than other customers from various other channels; as he was the one who approached you and showed interest in your product.
  4. SEO surely increases Leads and eventually Sales. If a company were to analyze on what percentage of customers it closes a deal who apply online, they would get a real startling figure. There are businesses out there that have converted double the size of profitability within the first year of launch as well just with a little focus on SEO.
  5. SEO is not only proven to boost Sales, its input cost is also minuscule. How much does it take to create a new website or add some flashy zing to the existing one? Hardly anything. Hire a good website designer and your job is over. Just if the SEO strategy is correct, half the battle is won.
  6. SEO saves the cost of paid advertising. It’s actually brand marketing and publicity of the product that actually sells in the SEO space.
  7. Since SEO is purely marketed on word of mouth; it builds credibility and trust among people about your product.
  8. Also SEO is not something that is conceptualized today and give benefits today. This is a slow and steady process and a long term strategy. It generally takes minimum 6-12 months to see good SEO rankings.
  9. SEO influences overall purchasing decision of a consumer and hence it is by itself a marketer who does the silent marketing day in and out.
  10. SEO also increases your referral traffic on your website.

Many small start ups are benefiting out of the SEO strategy and going with endless glory in their business. You can also try this effectively and benefit out of it.

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