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How to Choose a Reliable and Efficient Data Storage Server?

Finding the right storage server requires a lot of research, fair amount of knowledge and some good ole’ fashioned luck. Every business has unique needs. Some businesses are in industries that are going to require high performance computing, something that requires a lot of power and capabilities. Others companies need something reliable, a storage server that will last and stand the test of time. Some businesses are looking for a solution that is cost friendly. The amount of servers on the market can make any head spin, it’s important for a business looking to purchase a data storage server to flesh out the demands before making a purchase.

Rackmount servers are excellent choices for a space-conscious business looking to purchase servers that will neatly stack and be placed without cluttering space. Rackmount servers are measured in U, with each 1U being equated to 1.75 inches in height. A rackmount server can be placed on top of each of other for maximum size efficiency. Rackmount servers also hold an incredible amount of space, measured in terabytes. Rackmount servers make a great choice for any business.

A GPU enhanced server is built for high performance computing needs. GPU servers have an included graphic processing unit for more powerful functions. GPUs split tasks into smaller bits, dividing them and processing them at the same time. With a GPU server, performance speed is maximized. High performance computing needs, mainly those in the healthcare and engineering industry. GPUs provide power but are also less expensive than one would imagine.

Blade servers are servers which have been stripped down for improved flexibility. The ergonomic design is improved, with components that are far less bulky and require less space. Much like a standard rackmount server, a blade server holds a powerful amount of data that is safe and secure. Also, blade servers provide energy saving means. A blade server needs less energy to process. The stripped down design doesn’t impact power, in fact power is far more enhanced since the key functions are still capable on server that is maximized for efficiency.

If a server on the market doesn’t strike your fancy then perhaps customization is the route. No one business is alike. Each has specific needs that need to be met and evaluated. If your business needs to cutback costs and space but needs power, get a GPU server and customize it the way you want.

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